Teacher Shame

Some teachers in Catalonia have been bullying and publicly shaming students whose parents work for the police. I don’t care whether they are pro or against independence. I don’t care what their politics are at all. You don’t bully students no matter what you think about their parents, you dumb freaks. 


7 thoughts on “Teacher Shame”

  1. Indeed, beyond shame! Teachers berating students — adults bullying children — for the beliefs of their parents! I can’t think of a better way for for the Spanish government to to drive undecided students into the arms of the resistance.

    I don’t favor Catalonian separation at this time for various practical reasons — but the Spanish government is doing its best to drive the separatist faction into total rebellion.


    1. ” I can’t think of a better way for for the Spanish government to to drive undecided students into the arms of the resistance”

      You’ve got it the wrong way around, this is ‘the resistance’ doing the bullying. They know that if they went through the process of changing the constitution to allow for secession and then had a constitutionally valid and bind vote preceded by informed debate arguing both sides openly (including all the things the independistes have been glossing over) they would lose.


      1. Okay, the Spanish government has the law and “right” on its side (no argument there) — but is it going to make its case by sending in the police to beat up hundreds of peaceful voters, and by bullying school children?


          1. “It’s the Catalan separatists that are bullying school children.”

            I’ll admit that what I know about the details of the standoff is pretty much
            limited to what I see on American television (Spanish cops roughing up civilian voters; the Spanish government claiming ludicrously that the referendum never took place) and what I read here (Clarissa’s posts on the constitutionality of the secession vote, and her post above).

            Since your international news sources on this subject are surely superior to my strictly American ones, I’ll withdraw from a discussion where my limited sources don’t allow me to debate from a fully informed viewpoint.


            1. “limited to what I see on American television (Spanish cops roughing up civilian voters; ”

              The Catalan separatists know that if they went through the rule of law (working to change constitution with a legal referendum preceded by full and open debate of the issues inolved) they would lose (because it makes no rational or economic or ethical sense). So instead they’re all about trying to trigger emotional repsonses from people who don’t know the context.

              They insisted on going through with the illegal referendum hoping for a violent response (since no government can allow that kind of thing to happen) and then hope people make the immediate emotional connection ‘mean police doing not nice things = Catalonia should be independent’.


              1. Exactly. The separatists in Catalonia haven’t been able to get a majority. They tried and tried and they can’t get it. Just like the separatists in Quebec. But unlike Quebec that has civilized folks who accepted the fact they don’t have a majority, the Catalonian independentists started doing bizarre things to mask their lack of a majority. They say they won this referendum but it was a fake referendum that most people didn’t participate in. It’s like if held a referendum here on the blog and then declared that we won and need to be recognized as a nation-state right now.

                But all that aside, the teachers are dumb unprofessional shits for doing something like this, irrespective of whether they support the referendum. Imagine if I came to class and bullied students who voted for Trump. How vile and shitty would that make me? And these kids are not even of age, unlike my students.


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