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This is absolutely what the Democrats should be doing right now. I’m so glad they are working so hard to promote my and your interests. This is precisely what we need from them right now and always. 

Also, I found out from MSNBC this morning that we are now supposed to like Bannon because he’s complex and not just a Nazi. Whew! Such a load off my mind. I was worrying he was one of those simple Nazis but now I know he’s complex, so it’s all good.


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7 thoughts on “Sarcastic

  1. MSNBC? Not Fox News?

    Complex nazis are more dangerous.


    • I don’t watch Fox News. I turn on MSNBC to get some news every morning while I’m getting dressed and what do I hear? Praises to Bannon because he gave an interview to Vanity Fair and sounded “complex.” Such shit.


  2. Everything around Manchin sucks ass.


  3. Uri’s column summarizes this week’s news in Israel:


  4. Demotrash on said:

    I like Joe Manchin sometimes. This is not one of those times.


  5. Dreidel on said:

    No, what the Democrats should be doing is exactly what Schumer and Pelosi are right now: Keep telling middle class voters who are at least going to get some money back with the new tax cuts that they should be mad because nameless millionaires are going to get more back than they are! That’s definitely a winning strategy. 🙂


  6. Probably means Bannon is getting in trouble soon for something the media likes.


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