Bald Eagles

Turns out there are bald eagles in this area. And I thought these creatures I was seeing were vultures. 


3 thoughts on “Bald Eagles”

  1. Vultures are just about everywhere, so there’s still a possibility that at least some of the creatures you’ve seen have been vultures. We have a lot of hawks and some eagles where I am, but most of the birds I see from below are just vultures.


  2. I remember once (in Florida) one of our dogs had puppies and suddenly a bald eagle started hanging out at a tree that was convenient swooping distance from the yard… We ended up limiting their time outdoors unless they were supervised since we were fairly sure once wouldn’t swoop down for a tasty morsel next to an adult human.


  3. The name ‘bald eagle’ can be deceptive. The eagles are not bald, the adults have a beautiful white head and neck with a huge yellow beak. Juvenile eagles have darker heads, but they aren’t bald either! A turkey vulture is smaller than a mature eagle, it has a bald red head, while the black vulture has a bald grey head.


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