Crazy Day

And then I get to Klara’s school in my beautiful new light-grey coat, and it turns out some inconsiderate parent decided to celebrate their kid’s birthday by bringing a tray of cupcakes with bright blue frosting for the kids. And of course the moment the kids saw me, they decided to run towards me and give me a hug. (They love me because I’m funny). And I started sprinting away from them to save my coat. And they did not take that well.

You can only imagine how the teachers feel about the prospect of washing 8 bright blue faces and pairs of hands covered with sticky frosting. The whole classroom was trashed. Klara’s pants are destroyed because she somehow managed to sit on a cupcake. 

I have no idea what that bizarre parent was thinking. The teachers will not be grateful for this “treat.” Just think about what a bunch of two-year-olds can do to a room when they are hopped up on sugar and armed with a bunch of blue cupcakes.

And I don’t want to be a fussy sort of person, but those pants Klara is wearing are new and expensive because they are very warm. And now they look horrible.


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