True Blue

The bright blue cupcake is a gift that keeps on giving. Klara threw it up all over the sofa, my pants, and her dress. It’s not surprising because I’m not sure even I’d be able to keep down something this aggressively colored. Something tells me we are not the only family in town who wants to strangle the blue cupcake parents.


7 thoughts on “True Blue”

  1. .
    There’s no food in the world that is naturally blue.

    Not true! Butterfly pea tea is naturally blue.

    So no red velvet cupcakes for either of you.


      1. I figured as much. Especially if you’re sensitive to artificial dye which abounds in red velvet anything. (Supposedly you can use beet juice for color, but I’ve never encountered this.)

        Also: no rainbow bread, which looks like goddamn Playdoh. (There was always a kid who’d eat it along with the paste.)


  2. Isn’t red velvet cake supposed to be red because of a chemical reaction with the cocoa powder?? I assumed the VERY red ones must be food dye, but not the others? It’s not a “delicacy” we have in the UK…


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