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MLA Update

The latest update on the MLA trip is that I’ll try to leave tomorrow at 5 am. If it works out, I’ll at least be able to give my talk, which is better than nothing.

To raise everyone’s spirits, here is another cute story about Klara. I was driving her home yesterday and suddenly she started saying, in a very exasperated, sarcastic tone, “Oh, OK, all right. Oooh-key! All right!” And then I realized that this was the spot in our daily route where the cars ahead of us usually start to slow down to take a turn towards the supermarket. And I always react with exasperated, “Oh, OK, all right.” Klara must have thought it was required to make these noises at that spot in the road, and since I was quiet for once, she supplemented the soundtrack.

It’s very funny to hear how one sounds when a toddler imitates one’s speech patterns. 


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