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I Win

I’m not in New York, but instead I’ll get to have a daytime date with N, after which we’ll go pick up Klara together. So I’m having a good time no matter what. Bite it, JFK, LaGuardia, Delta, and American Airlines.


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7 thoughts on “I Win

  1. Shakti on said:

    Enjoy the cold!

    It’s snowing in Tallahassee and it may get all the way down to 35 degrees Farhenheit tonight where I am.


    • “It’s snowing in Tallahassee and it may get all the way down to 35 degrees Farhenheit tonight where I am.”

      -I was going to make a disparaging comment about how 35 is nothing, but then I realized that Tallahassee doesn’t really get snow. It’s 21 degrees Fahrenheit where I am but feels like 0. And as the night goes on the wind chill gets lower and lower. The storm’s supposed to bring us wind chills around -25 to -30, and actual temperatures will be in the single digits or negatives. It’s awful. Even the newscasters are telling people that schools should seriously consider cancelling on Friday.

      I hope the roads are okay, and that you’re staying warm.


      • Our schools are cancelled today and tomorrow, and we are only at -15°C.


      • Shakti on said:

        Florida doesn’t really get snow

        The last time my part of Florida got snow was 1989… and I’m much further south. It’s not normal, and people just aren’t equipped to deal with it. “Let’s stock some rock salt and sandbags! Ice storms and hurricanes!”

        If it snows as far south as I am, it means Atlanta and NYC are dealing with a massive storm. Atlanta already kind of sucks with flight delays in normal weather (because of wind patterns.) Atlanta doesn’t know how to deal with snow either.
        I’m fine. I put the heat on

        But if it actually snowed, I don’t have snow tires, I can’t actually pick up real winter clothes (other than the ones that I haven’t given away), and nobody else on the road knows how to drive in snow so…LMAO.


        • We don’t have snow tires either, and it stinks because people are veering off the road like crazy.


        • “The last time my part of Florida got snow was 1989…”

          I remember that! I almost broke my neck because I stepped outside my front door onto the porch steps without realizing that ‘covered with ice’ = slippery! Later I went out driving a little and regretted it since cars were sliding all over the place…

          It wasn’t the coldest I’d experienced there (I remember one night was around 6 degrees Fahrenheit and all I had for heating was one smallish fireplace…). But apparently snow is a combination of a couple of factors that only very rarely co-occur in Florida.


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