I finally found time to read FOSTA. I don’t comment on issues on the basis of what somebody somewhere said about them. I read the actual text or I don’t opine.

FOSTA is one of those last-ditch efforts by the nation-state to battle fluidity. A nation-state can’t exist without a shared morality dictated and policed by the state. It needs to claim supremacy over the only God that is massively worshiped without reservations today, namely, the freedom to consume.

The nation-state will lose this battle, just like it will lose all of them. The freedom to consume will win. Fluid morality in the service of global flows of capital will remain uncontested. Score a win for progress. Yippee.

4 thoughts on “FOSTA

  1. “The nation-state will lose this battle, just like it will lose all of them.”

    Not in your lifetime, or Klara’s. Nationalism and nativism are again on the ascension worldwide.


  2. That linked article is completely silly. “The strictly platonic just friends section” 😀

    Some years ago I was looking to meet new people in my area, and I thought I’d try the “strictly platonic” section of Craigslist. The sheer amount of men looking for “strictly platonic” nude massages from men and women was not what I was expecting. Also the number of men offering free rent in exchange for “nude housekeeping” and the men looking for “models/actresses for independent movies, send nudes” in the gig section.

    But no, Craigslist was a complete haven for women???? Until the mean old government decided to hold them responsible for what goes on in their site 🙄


    1. Yeah. . . When I read the article, I was all “Wow, Craigslist must have changed a lot since the last time I went there.” But it’s not too likely.


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