Word and Action

Saying and doing are completely different things. Sounds trivial but people often forget about that.

Many think that Theresa May actually did something in response to Russia’s poisoning of people on its territory. In reality, she did a whole bunch of nothing, thereby showing Putin that it’s ok to keep on with his aggression. But she blustered, so everybody thinks she’s really on it.

Or take election meddling. Russia has meddled like there is no tomorrow in every European election for at least 10 years. And if nobody ever tried to address or even acknowledge it, that’s because everybody is happy about it.

Or look at Zuckerberg. All of his bleating about feminism and all of his covering himself in rainbow flags foot to toe are completely meaningless. He’ll sell you to the first passing woman-hater or homophobe because it’s convenient. That’s what his actions prove.

4 thoughts on “Word and Action

        1. The US is currently doing great on fighting Russia. I couldn’t even ask for more.

          The percentage of Russian citizens who reside overseas and who voted for Putin in the recent election is significantly HIGHER than the percentage of Russians who live in Russia and who voted for him.


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