More on Gender-neutral Upbringing

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One of the group’s teachers, Izabell Sandberg, 26, noticed a shift in a 2-year-old girl whose parents dropped her off wearing tights and pale-pink dresses. The girl focused intently on staying clean. If another child took her toys, she would whimper.

I was this quiet, mousy girl who loved pale-pink frills and tights. And I was always bugged and criticized by teachers for being that way. That didn’t make me any happier. All I wanted was to be left in peace but, gosh, the efforts they made to “improve” me. It still bothers me even to think about it. The message a child gets is “something is wrong with you. You fail to satisfy expectations.” I believe that is a lot more harmful than any pair of tights.

2 thoughts on “More on Gender-neutral Upbringing

  1. On the plus side, in less than a year they managed to teach a 2 year-old to be loud and defiant:

    By the time March rolled round, the girl had gotten so loud that she drowned out the boys in the class, Ms. Sandberg said. At the end of the day, she was messy. The girl’s parents were less than delighted, she said, and reported that she had become cheeky and defiant at home.

    But Ms. Sandberg has plenty of experience explaining the mission to parents.

    “This is what we do here, and we are not going to stop it,” she said.

    Score one for nurture over nature.


    1. At this age, all they want is please the adults. I say, shame on the folks who force a 2-year-old kid to go against who she is to feel accepted by the teachers. Wow, what a great lesson in feminism. Start servicing the expectations of adults before you learn to go potty on your own. Cool.


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