Deeply Wrong

So Russians finally took to the streets in response to the tragic burning deaths of children. But they are not demanding that the tragedy be investigated and the culprits brought to justice. Instead, they are demanding that the government NOT reveal the true number of victims.

“Don’t make the number of victims public!” one fiery speaker yells. “Don’t make Americans happy! There are still many of us! Look how many there are!”

There’s something very deeply wrong with these people. They can’t even mourn their dead without referencing Americans who, as we know, are not aware of the tragedy and wouldn’t celebrate it if they were.


7 thoughts on “Deeply Wrong”

  1. Which good news source do you read? On “RT” site I saw 78 or so dead from пожар в ТЦ «Зимняя вишня» .


    1. Yes, it’s their official number. Which tells us that the real number is about 3 times higher.

      I’ve read the social media of the people who are there, people who lost somebody in the fire, people who work at the morgues, etc.


  2. Also saw about the locals demanding punishment of the responsible parties:

    Жители Кемерова собрались на стихийный митинг в центре города. Люди требуют открытого расследования, наказания виновных и предоставления всех данных о погибших во время пожара в ТЦ «Зимняя вишня». Они добиваются отставки чиновников администрации города, которые допустили гибель десятков людей. Кадры с места событий — в фотогалерее RT.


  3. Didn’t know where to put it:

    Macron attends funeral of slain Holocaust survivor

    French president pays respects to 85-year-old Mireille Knoll, who was stabbed 11 times in her home in the capital before her killer burnt her apartment; ‘He murdered an innocent and defenseless woman purely because she was Jewish’, says Macron, as march held in protest against anti-Semitism.,7340,L-5205745,00.html


  4. We’ve had idiots like this for Colectiv too – more of the “those junkie satanists deserved to die” rather than “Putin hide the dead” but still…

    If said idiots don’t make up most of the crowd, then it doesn’t bode as poorly for Russia as it would at first sight. I’ve seen this post linked around as being from Kemerovo protests . I can barely read the Russian alphabet, so I can’t vouch for these being real, but if they are real, then damn, that’s a good start. As Cliff commented on another of these posts, you get a lot of sparks that apparently go nowhere before some critical mass is reached and shit gets real. It was like this in Romania too, you know? People see the Colectiv protests, the tooth-and-nail fight to preserve judicial independence etc, but they don’t necessarily see the 10 years of being unable to find our arses with both hands that came before. There’s this point where all the people who think they’re the only ones thinking this is abominable begin to find each other and see they can work together, you know? And I know that the subset of Russians comfortable in English isn’t exactly representative for Russia in general, but judging by how many people showed up in my tumblr inbox after I asked if there’s any way foreigners can help and linked me to the red cross page, translated it and thanked me for caring, I’d guess Russia may surprise us yet.


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