Austerity in the UK

So I’m finally reading my new Elizabeth George, and she’s describing the horrific cuts to the UK police force as a result of austerity. It’s a fucking disgrace, that’s what it is. If this is what’s done to the police force, then I shudder to think about the devastation inflicted on education.

George is a fanatic of investigation, and always researches her books very carefully. I don’t believe she’s inventing this.

This is what I mean when I talk about the dismantling of the nation-state. And it’s downright criminal.

4 thoughts on “Austerity in the UK

  1. “horrific cuts to the UK police force as a result of austerity”

    You’re just now hearing about this? Old news.

    There this:

    But they can still waste god knows how much money on prosecuting people who say mean things on the internet…

    The job of police in the Fluid State is just to keep the lid on simmering inter-ethno-religious resentments so that the illusion of calm can be maintained.


      1. “Why are people accepting this?”

        They’re not allowed to? The UK government has made it clear that it will arrest those who speak out against its policies…

        There’s a short section in one of PD JAmes last books (the one in the private clinic) where a character reflects on the dispossession of the traditional British working/small business/office working class, compelled to pay for programs that don’t benefit them (and often actively harm them) and the scorn they receive if they question any of it.

        The people that should be protesting have been beaten down by 40 years of neoliberal fluidity (much more so than in the US oddly).


        1. We have all heard more than we’ll ever need about Prince Harry’s vapid fiancee. But this is not being discussed.

          The only place I heard that things are real bad in the UK are FB’s of rich immigrants from Russia. And I didn’t believe them because they aren’t good people. Now it turns out they weren’t lying.


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