Tablet Etiquette

What is the etiquette on kids’ tablet usage in public? I’m waiting for Klara at her dance lesson, and there are two little boys in the waiting room who have their tablets blasting at an infernal pitch. I’ve been working since 7 am today, and this is my only half-hour in the day to veg out quietly in the waiting room. The din is driving me nuts. The boys’ parents don’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with this.

It’s a very small room, and there’s nowhere else to go.

P.S. One of the tablets is screaming “Jesus is alive!!! Jesus is coming!!!” every 15 seconds. This is freeping torture.

4 thoughts on “Tablet Etiquette

  1. They either need to reduce the noise on the tablets or put on headphones. The entire purpose of giving small children tablets is so they sit quietly without annoying their parents or other people around them. In a store, who cares? In a tiny room, no bueno.

    Would they bring in a mini tv or boombox (yes I know) all over the place and blast it? Or play an MP3 player or a walkman without headphones?

    But I wouldn’t expect the parents to get the point, honestly. And if the kids turn off their tablets they may choose to engage you instead.

    P.S. One of the tablets is screaming “Jesus is alive!!! Jesus is coming!!!” every 15 seconds. This is freeping torture

    Did you know that April Fools Day and Easter fall on the same day this year? If you’re bored, mention this fact to the little boys. :-p


  2. I feel for you. This is really inappropriate, to say the least. Where are the parents? They should tell their kids to turn down the volume. Unfortunately, too many parents let their kids do anything out in public, from running around in a store to screaming at each other. And often the parents do nothing about it. Of course, if you were to say something, then the parents might turn their anger on you (“How dare you tell my kid…..!”) It’s basically a no-win situation.


    1. ” if you were to say something,”

      I’m out of date, but traditionally if the parents are they you’d address them: “Excuse me, I’ve got a headache (or some other white lie) do you suppose the boys could turn down the volume a little?”


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