Big Girl

Klara is trying to climb a really high and precarious piece of equipment in the park.

“No!” I say. “It’s too dangerous.”

“I not baby, mamma,” she counters calmly and with a great sense of dignity. “I a big girl.”

“Oh, ok then,” I say. “If you are a big girl then go ahead.”


9 thoughts on “Big Girl”

  1. Your new website format is a big improvement: Less cluttered layout, more contrast between background and text, bolder print — easier to read!

    Good job!


  2. I confess I do not like the new layout. It causes me eyestrain because the background is so bright.

    Was Klara thrilled when she succeeded in the climb she attempted? Was she able to climb back down?


    1. Incredibly, she did. She’s so well-developed physically,it’s crazy. Takes a lot of self-discipline on my part not to jump in every time.

      Yes, the layout stinks because I got interrupted in the process of choosing a new one. I’ll change it again soon.


  3. “I’ll change it again soon.”

    Well, take your time changing it. I LOVE this new, uncluttered, easy-to-read style. Just add a classy logo across the top of your homepage, and you’re all set.


    1. There’s more and more every day. 🙂

      After the climbing adventure,we were walking around and pond and she wanted to be carried.

      “But you are a big girl,” I said. “You can walk.”
      “I baby, I little little baby,” she said looking extremely sly.


  4. For some reason my ISP keeps saying it can’t find your website if I type in the URL in the address bar. It’s been like that all day.


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