Ehrenreich’s Best

This, I believe, is the best thing Barbara Ehrenreich has ever written. Of course, being who she is, she is incapable of engaging even with such a concept as death outside of the same ideologically barren framework of primitive Marxism.

Primitive Marxism is similar to primitive feminism. It consists of a constant pointing out that capital is evil (or men historically oppressed women.) There’s no intellectual engagement with the issue. Just repeated incantations that go in a loop.

This impoverished ideological approach has always characterized Ehrenreich’s writing, so this is nothing new. Within the limits of what she’s capable of, this is the strongest piece by her that I have read. Which obviously doesn’t mean I endorse or share her ideas.

6 thoughts on “Ehrenreich’s Best”

    1. I’m religious, so obviously my concept of life and death is very different. But I respect everybody’s right to do what they want with their bodies.


  1. Yes, you’re so religious that you had your only child baptized into that nest of vipers that is the Russian Orthodox Church.


    1. It’s a very good and very important comment. Thank you for making it!

      It’s totally a nest of vipers and worse, you are so right. Man, the things I can say about ROC (based on carefully researched evidence) are worse than you can even imagine. But here’s the thing. We are from the USSR, so we have no religious tradition on the generational level. Getting incorporated into such a tradition after such a long break is hard. The Orthodox Church is the only one that we have any historical link to. There is literally nothing else.

      Given all that, I’d still never ally myself in any way to an organization that exists under the auspices of the Russian Patriarch, aka a gangster and a former KGB agent. The church we chose for the reincorporation is autocephalous. This means it doesn’t recognize any such leadership.

      I’m going to get baptized soon, too, and for that I’m going to the local Sts. Cyril and Methodius (not to be confused with Methodist) Orthodox church that similarly has no links to the Russian Patriarch or their religious structure. We also call it “Orthodox Church in Exile.”


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