At least, the Facebook debacle brought one good thing. Zuckerberg put on a nice suit for the Congress hearings. His “little boy in white T-shirts” image has gotten too old.

7 thoughts on “Suits”

    1. This is hilarious. Hey, even my two-year-old adamantly refuses to be put in a booster seat. 🙂

      But this is his whole persona. “Ain’t I cute, so please don’t expect too much from me, what do I know, I’m just a little boy.”


      1. I think it’s genuine insecurity. Apparently, when he was doing his meet-the-plebs USA tour, the families he visited were forbidden from taking any pictures of him. The only pictures he appears in are staged to make him look taller (camera angle low to high, etc.)


        1. Just like Putin. On the rare occasions when he goes shopping, all of the taller shop assistants are told to hide and a bunch of shortish one is brought in to make him feel like human beings in general are shorter than they are. Obviously, I’m not comparing Zuckerberg to Putin in any other way but this very silly and childish vanity.

          Gosh, you know, you have billions. Just accept yourself the way you are already.


    2. The CEO of facebook doesn’t understand the Streisand Effect. Until yesterday I didn’t know he was 5′ 7″. Now I do.


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