Wow, it turns out there was a whole huge scandal with Joy Reid, the only MSNBC newscaster I liked. The only moderately charming one turns out to be a jerk. I haven’t watched in a while so I missed it.

4 thoughts on “Disappointment”

  1. I never liked Joy Reid; she was very anti-Bernie. And I’m tired of the evening line-up on the channel. But I really like Nicolle Wallace and her show in the afternoon. She’s a (former?) Republican, never-Trumper, but she does a good job of conducting her show, which allows me to vicariously vent my Trump anger. I also like Katy Tur.

    I think the Joy Reid controversy is dumb. She made some politically incorrect and dumb comments a long time ago, and these comments don’t represent who she is now. Of course, she made everything worse by claiming her old blog was hacked. She should have simply told the truth and said that she no longer believes the things she wrote. I have mixed feelings about Melissa Harris-Perry, but she and her show were much better than Joy Reid.


  2. “I haven’t watched [MSNBC] in a while so I missed it.”

    You missed this old news because you were smart enough to watch Fox News while you were sick, and Fox doesn’t waste its audience’s time with PC nonsense.

    But don’t let Klara overhear fair and balanced reporting– she might grow up to be a Republican. 🙂


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