Capitalism and Religion

Studies show that Protestantism is the most accommodating belief system for primitive or nascent capitalism.

For more developed forms of capitalism, however, even this watered down version of Christianity becomes too onerous, and it gets jettisoned in favor of the “religions of the self” that don’t have any external reference point.

5 thoughts on “Capitalism and Religion

  1. Somebody spent $$ on yet another unnecessary study to prove what’s been known forever — the fact that the “Protestant work ethic” resulted in white Europeans becoming the dominant economic and political force that eventually spread its perhaps pernicious grasp all over this planet??

    What’s next? A study that oxygen in the atmosphere is needed for life to exist?


    1. German sociologist Max Weber publishe his essay “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism” in 1905 so, yeah, not exactly brand new information.


          1. Can you imagine anybody getting up at an academic conference to argue that white European protestants are superior to the people they colonized because of their better work ethic? I’m guessing that person would find themselves unemployed before having time to sit down. 🙂


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