Latvian Bread

What makes any regular breakfast special is some bread from Riga, Latvia. Legends are true: their bread is truly great.

3 thoughts on “Latvian Bread

    1. We have a really great Global Foods store. You can find almost anything from all regions. I don’t know what I’d do without that store. It’s not very close but totally worth the trip.


  1. Since nice news are rare – decided to share:

    // The IDF completed overnight Saturday an operation to rescue nearly 800 syrian civil defense activists, along with their families, from a war zone area in southern Syria, the German newspaper Bild reported on Sunday.

    It was the first such Israeli intervention in Syria’s lengthy civil war, now in its eight year.

    According to the report, the rescued activists belong to the White Helmets, officially known as Syria Civil Defence, which is a volunteer organization that operates in parts of rebel-controlled segments of the country and which works to rescue and assist civilians caught in war zones.,7340,L-5314288,00.html


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