Since the surgery, I need to sleep 10 hours a day or I’m useless. I like sleeping but I hope this goes away because who’s got the time?

4 thoughts on “Sleeping”

  1. It’s been about 2-3 weeks since the surgery, right?

    It should go away eventually — when my grandmother had her gallbladder out the surgeon said anywhere between 6-12 weeks was pretty normal.

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  2. “I need to sleep 10 hours a day or I’m useless. ”

    Uh, oh, you’re in trouble. “Cosmopolitan Magazine” published an article three years ago quoting some medical study that said, “Regular oversleeping means a FORTY-FOUR percent increased risk of death.” Oversleeping definitely killed Einstein at the age of 76 :-), while Thomas Edison, who CLAIMED to sleep only three hours a night, made it all the way to 84. Some studies have stated that chronic insomnia is associated with having a genius-level I.Q . (Telsa is given as an example.)

    Ten or so hours at this point after your surgery is fine, even if you consider it a waste of valuable time. I’m surprised that Klara lets you sleep that long.


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