Book Notes: The Wife Between Us

This is so weird. This novel is identical to the one I just finished and wrote about in the previous book notes. Both books are co-authored by two women (two different pairs of women, that is) and the plot is exactly the same. And I don’t mean it’s the same in the sense that nobody can invent a really new plot anymore. I mean it’s identical.

A very rich man marries a wide-eyed ingenue who soon discovers he is controlling and abusive. She goes out of her head with boredom in her luxurious and isolated mansion in the suburbs and concocts a plan to make the husband leave her by finding another woman for him to marry instead. But the replacement bride the wife finds turns out to have a secret plan of her own.

I didn’t buy the books on recommendation from an Amazon algorithm or anything like that, so it’s got to be just a coincidence. But it’s still weird. And quite tiresome.

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