The Most Popular

I have finally found a way to enjoy The New York Times. The paper has turned into such a pathetic propaganda outlet recently that it’s impossible to read.

But I found a way to enjoy the paper still. In my app, I go straight to the “Most Popular” articles. This is what people really read, and the unhinged political blethering is at a minimum there. The articles that the readers prefer are on parenting, travel, health, science, cooking, shopping, exercise, productivity – everything that constitutes a normal life. The disconnect between the most popular articles and the front page or opinion page is enormous.

3 thoughts on “The Most Popular

  1. 12 Young People on Why They Probably Won’t Vote
    Do these even sound like your students?
    I just don’t identify with half of their reasons either now or when I was that young. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m from a different generation or because I was naturalized as a minor. But “Google is hard. I don’t know what stamps are. I have ADHD. 2016 was a soul crushing bummer…” Come on.


    1. I think they choose all these freaks on purpose because it’s fashionable to make fun of millennials. These are all idiots of the first order except for the guy in Ohio who at least is trying to figure things out.

      I think it’s normal not to be interested in politics when one is young. It doesn’t make much sense until you even know what direction your life is going to go. It’s just not very relevant.


      1. Maybe I’m just underestimating how interested and informed I was about politics when I was younger. It takes a special kind of person to be not interested enough in politics to vote but care enough to talk to a magazine about it. I was not reading any other newspaper than the daily campus newspaper and I was using the internet to slowly download mp3s.


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