Spy Blender

Two guys took apart a Monsieur Cuisine kitchen appliance and discovered it had a microphone inside. The presence of the microphone was never revealed during purchase and is in no way justified by what the appliance (which is a blender-chopper-mixer type of gewgaw) is supposed to do.


5 thoughts on “Spy Blender

  1. Can you imagine what is the goal of putting this microphone inside? If they wanted to check how often the appliance is used on average, surely some other way would be the right one.

    Also, is the appliance connected to Internet? How would they gather information from the microphone which, I suppose, records sounds?

    And I thought not having special technological stuff would prevent one from being recorded.

    It is a Brave New World we live in . . .


    1. They want to record what the owner is doing and saying and sell that information. Shoshana Zuboff describes very well how many seemingly innocuous domestic appliances have hidden cameras and microphones used to spy on customers.


  2. I’m no technician, but recording or monitoring the sound of the blender motor might be the best way for checking its’ performance over time. Who talks around a blender in the first place?


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