Santa Klara uhartea

OK, so the most beautiful place in the world? The one I can’t stop staring at? The one that gives me feelings of extreme peacefulness?

It’s called Santa Klara uhartea.

I had absolutely no idea.

Clara with a c is very common, so it wouldn’t be an interesting coincidence. But Basques write it with a K.

That’s so cool.


3 thoughts on “Santa Klara uhartea

  1. OT I am reading the Arnautoff biography and it is fascinating. For instance, he was an officer of the Czar, got to Harbin in exile, was trying to study art, broke, and was hired as a cavalry trainer by a Chinese warlord. Kept asking his exiled brothers in Europe where/how to study art, they recommended Paris as the cheapest, but it was easier to get to San Francisco so there he went. Studies, goes and works in Mexico, comes back, paints all those murals, has become lefty, gets hauled up before HUAC, disillusioned with US, applies to return to USSR, finally returns to Mariepol. It is about the most amazing tour of the 20th century you could have, his life.


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