Poll: Reading Lineup

I’ve made this sticky to let everybody vote. Scroll down for new posts.

We haven’t had any polls in a while, so let’s do one. There’s nothing else to do but read books but here’s a dilemma, which one to read first?

I’ll read all of them, so you are not thwarting any reading opportunities by making a choice. But where to start?

4 thoughts on “Poll: Reading Lineup

  1. None of those books, shocking to say, are currently on my to-be-read pile. All I’ve got is education history and SF&F, skews toward ponderous Germans and Space Opera. So I looked you list up. Admirable variety:

    Always up for some Sci Fi. Plus, it looks like a quick(er) read. Could start here.
    This sounds fascinating, and seems likely to make some deserving heads explode, always a plus. Hefty…
    Sounds a little heavy, but, if that’s what you need….
    Yea, well, not my cup of tea.
    Hard to form an opinion from what I could find online.
    I’d need to be paid to read this. Also: once one gets the theory, which any 2 critical theory books will more than provide, reading the next one is just hammering a particular square peg into the same dreary round hole. You can predict what they’ll say a mile away blindfolded. At least, that’s how it seems to me…


  2. ” which one to read first?”

    Going just by book titles, my thought process goes something like…

    It’s Biden time! (meaning the idea makes me fall asleep)

    Mussolini? tell me more!

    Biden time…

    Biden time….

    Mother of Frankenstein! Oh my god Mother of Frankenstein! Mother of Frankenstein! (all the time realizing that there’s probably no Frankenstein monster to be seen…. but what could possible top Mother of Frankenstein???

    GORE CAPITALISM!!!!!!!!! that’s what tops Mother of Frankenstein…


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