Timid Truth About Navalny

Finally, Western media started publishing timid hints at what Navalny really believes.

Unfortunately, it’s always a lot more complicated than good guys vs bad guys.

6 thoughts on “Timid Truth About Navalny

  1. Saagar Enjeti says what needed to be said. Trump’s embarrassing attempts to pander to suburban voters are pathetic and pointless; he needs to accept that’s a lost cause and do what he needs to do to win.


      1. His message seems muddled to me, and he’s not rising much in the polls (he had a brief convention bounce but that’s already fading; lot of good polls for Biden came in yesterday.) A recent poll shows a majority of people feel Biden can “keep them safe” while the opposite is true for Trump. Doesn’t mean Trump won’t win, but any optimism I have is based on “gut feeling” and just desperate hope.


          1. OTOH, we are also being told directly that Democrat insiders– the people seeing the real poll numbers– expect Biden to lose catastrophically… and then be pushed out of the hole by ballot fraud and legal wrangling.

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