Breakfast Food

The traditional American breakfast (eggs, hash browns, bacon, and toast with jam) is wonderful, though. It sorely lacks a fresh cucumber but otherwise it’s brilliant. Of course, some people make it too greasy but that’s their own fault.

4 thoughts on “Breakfast Food

  1. I completely agree that it is a good breakfast but needs something fresh and juicy to accompany it.

    A delicious way to prepare cucumber is korean style with sesame oil, sesame seeds, rice vinegar, optional amount of sweetender and red pepper flakes. It’s a lovely side that keeps well for a few days.


  2. Coffee, cereal with orange juice, and two slices of cheddar cheese is pretty much MY typical breakfast (sometimes with a pastry of some kind—or cookies or the like).
    I’ll have a scrambled egg sandwich as part of my dinner alongside vegetables and a frozen meat-and-potatoes dinner in the late afternoon/early evening.


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