C & W

One of the most incomprehensible foods for me is chicken and waffles. Both parts of the dish are dry, fried, scratchy in texture, and unrelieved by anything fresh or green. The texture and even the color are the same. It’s especially horrid when the chicken is dredged in flour before frying. Flour in both components of a dish is a culinary crime.

I don’t get the idea of bringing two identical things together and calling it a dish. The whole point of food is a combination of tastes, colors, and textures.

My mouth feels dry just thinking about it.

What Americans call “waffles” is horrid in any combination with anything. But the chicken could be rescued.

3 thoughts on “C & W

  1. It’s now part of the SAD (standard American diet). It seems like a kitschy dish developed by restaurateurs some years back to entice people with food novelties. My best friend took me to a place in San Diego who claimed to have invented it. I was appalled. The couple next to me got the dish and I felt nauseated watching them consume it. Granted, it was covered in copious amounts of syrup and french fries. Gross. And utterly toxic to the body.

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    1. If you add fries to it, it becomes completely ridiculous. It’s grease on grease on grease.

      I understand eating unhealthy food because it’s delicious. But this doesn’t even taste good.

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