Answer to the Riddle about Masks in the Car

OK, I can see that people are struggling with the riddle about masks in Quebec so here goes.

The reason why people get fined in Quebec for leaving a mask hanging on the rearview mirror of a parked car is…

… drumroll …

… wait for it …

because if you were to start driving with the mask still on the rearview mirror, it could obscure your field of vision and cause an accident. Imagine the joy of a person discovering a thousand-dollar fine notice slapped on a car while he was away, wearing a mask and definitely not driving. It’s like fining a person for having a towel in the car because he could potentially use it to strangle somebody.

The question of how one is supposed to know about all these new rules is never asked.

The correlation between the degree of Leftism in a province and the severity and capriciousness of these mandates is undeniable. Quebec and Ontario are completely off the charts in both measures.

5 thoughts on “Answer to the Riddle about Masks in the Car

  1. Do they also fine people who place sun shades on their car’s windshield when parked? And is the fine proportionally larger? Because, obviously, if you start driving with the sun shades still in place you will see even less than with the mask attached to the rearview mirror.


  2. Where I live, people who had sometimes had too much alcohol to drink tried to be responsible by turning on their parked car and , sleeping, laying or talking in the backseat while they sobered up.

    Police breathalyzed them in the backseat and sucessfully prosecuted them for DUI anyway.


    1. That’s exactly the kind of thing I mean. Anybody can criminalized because anybody can potentially do something bad. Can you prove you won’t kill anybody next week? Where’s your proof? No proof? Get arrested!


  3. All of this is making me feel so much better about where I live. We went through an extremely traumatic hurricane a couple of years ago, and ever since then, local code enforcement has completely given up on enforcing anything that isn’t immediately hazardous… because enforcement would result in ~10% or more of the county’s tax base having to move somewhere else, or be reduced to vagrancy. They know what side their bread’s buttered on.

    There are still a shocking number of people here living (illegally) in prefab sheds, or RVs parked in the driveways of their gutted homes, with more-or-less permanent water, sewer and electical hookups. They own the property, but can’t afford to rebuild, and there are no affordable rentals anywhere. They have jobs and they pay their property taxes, and each year, as the storm anniversary approaches, the county quietly announces they will turn a blind eye to the relevant codes for yet another year.


  4. Start stashing their face masks in the glove compartment whenever they exit their vehicle instead.
    Just like in the military one has to improvise and finagle one’s way around any “Mickey Mouse” rule that gets in the way of one’s smooth functionality.


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