Socially Distanced Participation

Six feet is not a huge distance, by the way. You can have great in-class discussions in spite of social distancing and masks.

My advanced literature seminar is 75 minutes long. Last class, I barely spoke for 10. The rest was taken up by students speaking, group activities, etc. It’s a foreign language program. Obviously, you don’t teach language by lecturing. We are specifically trained to occupy under 7% of class time with our talking and let students speak instead. (This is peculiar to foreign languages, of course).

This is in response to the many people who keep asking me “but how do you manage to teach in the classroom if you can’t have any student participation?”

This is all a myth. We have tons of participation. I got rid of the essay this semester in favor of a massive oral component. I can’t shut these students up, they are so eager to participate. What are people talking about?

2 thoughts on “Socially Distanced Participation

  1. Yeah, I know. My students are pretty lively this semester. I’ve got a class of about 50, they all attend regularly and are pretty engaged, ask sand answer questions, make comments, etc.

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