What Happened to #Resistance?

Now that Trump is out of office, what do you think happened to The Resistance (aka the hysterical meno- and andro-pausal crowd and their loser kids)?

Nothing much. I just popped over on FB, and they are still resisting, with the same slogans and the same degree of rage.

What are they resisting now? Apparently, in their fevered imaginations Trump is plotting a takeover of “democracy,” and these poor buggers are preparing to stand strong on FB and prevent it from happening.

Of course, democracy has already been rendered nothing but an empty sound by FB but the #Resist crowd is so obsessed with Trump they will never notice.

10 thoughts on “What Happened to #Resistance?

  1. I was wondering what these people would do to give their lives meaning now that Trump is gone. Apparently “retreat into a pathetic fantasy world where you can pretend that you’re a brave hero” is the answer.

    BTW, thanks for restoring the Jane Eyre Post. I hadn’t read the thread before. Interesting discussion (which is probably why it made sense to hide it in the first place).


    1. “just the right age/class to have been an impressionable age when their parents were wiped out”

      payback is a bitch…. as the saying goes…

      what kind of hubris is needed to think that the 08 crash could be handled the way it was without creating a large group of enemies?

      Obama has a lot to answer for (and he never will have to…).

      Obama wasn’t the worst president in my lifetime (W by miles) but he was the biggest…. dissapointment , he did as close to nothing as possible until he went all on for weaponized identity politics…. how many small business people lost their livelihoods so he could preen?


      1. “payback is a bitch…. as the saying goes…”

        It has been my experience that people who get rich by raiding the public purse or by ripping people off with government approval are never really punished by taking some of their money away, since they just go and steal more.

        I think that in future as more and more people figure that out, they’ll stop with the silly protests & public displays and just hurt/kidnap/extort them.


    2. Yes, there is the 08 crash and people losing money, but these kids should learn another important lesson from that fiasco: learn to save for the future. I know a few people who were affected really terribly by the job losses during the crisis. Why? Because they spent what they made right away plus more. And I’m not talking about having the ends meet. I’m talking about leasing 2 BMWs and having no equity in a huge McMansion while going on fancy vacations and paying people to clean and take care of kids.

      This was one of the most intense culture shocks I’ve experienced in America. I came in 1999 and I saw all the amazing wealthy lifestyles. As it turned out, they were just one paycheck away from financial ruin. It could have been my the style of my parents, but one of the things they instilled in me is avoiding debt and having money put aside for the “black hour”.


      1. And yet… with all these gazillion-dollar bailouts and “stimulus” money being manufactured out of thin air by the Fed, what good is saving for the future? I say this earnestly, as someone who has never been in debt, and always been good at squirreling away money, even while living on a shoestring income.

        I am looking ahead, and trying to figure out if we have enough money stashed away to buy a couple of acres of land or something– anything that we can hold onto, that won’t just evaporate with our bank account when the currency inevitably goes Weimar. Saving isn’t enough. Savers are going to be wiped out. When not if.

        What I’m drilling into my kids’ heads is that it’s important, as a baseline, to live within your means. But the key to getting through hard times is to be indispensable to other people. If you make things, grow things, fix things, or build things, and you deal honestly, you can always get by. If all you know how to do is manipulate numbers on a spreadsheet, run a copier, or edit youtube videos… you live at the whim of a fickle economy.


        1. I am totally on the same page with buying some land. Would you do it where you live now? We really can’t here in NYC so I’m looking south. SC or N FL perhaps.


          1. Yeah. I mean, I live in N FL. I was born here. Rural land is not outrageous and the traditional way for blue-collar people here to own a home, is to save up a little money, buy a half-acre lot, save up a little more money, and put in a well and septic, then save up a little more money and get a trailer. If you think ahead, plant blueberries and satsumas as soon as you buy the lot, and you can have a good crop by the time you move in 🙂


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