Useless Vaccine

38 fully vaccinated people (a week after the second dose) have died in Israel of COVID just this month.

The plan is now to introduce a third “booster” shot. Because it’s not like anybody is allowed to wonder if this vaccine actually works.

20 thoughts on “Useless Vaccine

  1. “it’s not like anybody is allowed to wonder if this vaccine actually works”

    I was half-thinking it was going to be a placebo…. but now it looks worse….. and if you don’t sign up then…..


      1. In the British Isles (via twitter) there’s an uptick in “Zero covid” talk (including the idea of 3 to 5 years of lockdowns)…. so they’re not gonna stop on their own….


  2. Just heard on Israeli news about the success of vaccinations: for the first time, Israel has more seriously ill covid patients under the age of 60 than old patients in serious condition from the virus. Older people in Israel were much more eager to get vaccinated – with significant exceptions in Arab and Haredi sectors – and this is the result.

    Dying ‘a week after the second dose’ isn’t that surprising if the person got ill before the second dose, or even before the first one. Anyone who thinks for a second how vaccinations work understands that.

    We may disagree about vaccinations and you may feel strongly attached to ‘vaccines are useless’ narrative, but one should be honest about facts anyway.

    Haven’t you said the virus is dangerous only for old people? If so, how do you explain the news I shared, if vaccines are useless?

    What would make you change your opinion on them?


    1. The incubation period is 5 days, not 5 weeks.

      I’m not attached to anything. I was rooting for the Israel to get great results with this vaccine. I’d be overjoyed if it worked. We all know I have zero problem with letting go of an idea that proves wrong.

      If you want to see the fact that now younger people are at death’s door as proof of success, I wonder who it is that’s attached to a false narrative.

      Google US COVID cases and Israel COVID cases and just look at the graph. Look at it. If that tells you nothing, I give up


  3. If somebody is interested, here is the latest news article with statistics and explanations:

    // Just 4 of 660 COVID victims received both vaccine doses – Health Ministry data
    Vast majority of coronavirus fatalities in monitored period had not been vaccinated at all or only received first dose in two weeks before their death; hospitals again sound alarm on increasing numbers of serious cases in young people

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    1. Yeah, that’s why they moved the goalpost from a week after the second dose to two weeks after the second dose. Learn to look past the headlines and at the actual data.


  4. C’mon, let’s not Radio Yerevan this. If we’re talking about the same results ( – link me to yours if we’re not, please) we see that out of 750 000 fully vaccinated Israelis over 60 years old, 531 tested positive for Covid, out of which 38 were hospitalized, and 3 died. In a similar period before the vaccine took effect, there were 7000 infections, ~700 hospitalizations and ~300 deaths. Just from these numbers, nothing else, we see that the vaccine dropped mortality to 0.5% from 5%, which would make vaccinated Israeli elders only 3 times less safe from Covid than unvaccinated Israeli 25-year-olds. However, as El can probably confirm, Covid new infections stayed constant in younger, unvaccinated age groups, so the vaccine is also likely making it harder for people to get sick.


    1. Yes, on January 31 there were 3 people dead. Which is why I used the expression “this month” in my post. This month isn’t January. Which is why I’m not discussing the January stats. Now please look at the date of your linked article. What month’s data is it discussing?


        1. The comparison of the general COVID trends in Israel to those of the rest of the world shows that they are going in the same direction of improvement but more slowly. Simply compare the US graph, for instance, to the Israel graph. They both trend down but the US’s trend is clearly steeper.

          It’s a seasonal virus. It’s playing out. The cases will keep dropping. Next October they will be up again but not as high as in the first year of the virus.


    1. All of mine are alive but I’m still getting called a murderer. The problem is with the crowd of hysterics who have gotten into the habit of hounding and accusing from a place of moral superiority.


  5. The vaccines are clearly presently ineffective, are being tested on an unknowing public, and are being tweaked as information is gathered. The vaccine development process is nothing new, and takes a certain amount of time regardless of how many people participate in a trial. Any vaccine administered to the public prior to the regular end date for a vaccine trial is being tested, end of story.

    Also, this “booster” business is intellectually insulting. A vaccine is meant to be administered so as to elicit a lasting immune response that is fit for the purpose of protecting the patient from the pathogen vaccinated against. If the patient requires a “booster”, it means that the first dose failed, rendering the vaccine ineffective. If the patient requires a second “booster”, it means that the first and second dose failed, which means that the vaccine isn’t just ineffective but an outright failure.

    I don’t know about anyone else but I get really mad at the tripe published by the vaccine industry. They’re practically channelling Orwell imo.


    1. I agree that the COVID vaccine is a huge experiment happening at a global scale, but needing multiple doses and boosters does not automatically mean it’s a failure. Many of the common and well established childhood vaccines require multiple doses and you need a new tetanus vaccine every ten years because the effectiveness declines over time. Immunity does not work like an on-off switch.


      1. “but needing multiple doses and boosters does not automatically mean it’s a failure”

        Yes it does. A vaccine can only rightly be called one if it informs the immune system of a pathogen, and then, as stated above, be administered so as to elicit a lasting immune response that is fit for the purpose of protecting the patient from the pathogen vaccinated against.

        The two words most important in the above are the words “inform”, and “lasting”.

        So, using a true vaccine like the tetanus vaccine or polio vaccine, we begin with a human being whose immune system is utterly ignorant of either tetanus or polio, who is injected with a vaccine that teaches the immune system about those pathogens for the first time. Afterwards, an immune response is produced that protects the patient against infection for a lasting period of time.

        Conversely, so-called “vaccines” that require several “booster” shots such as the hepatitis b or shingles vaccine are administered to patients who are already infected with the pathogen. They don’t inform the patients immune system about the pathogen or antigens on it etc at all because they’re already infected, but rather stimulate the immune system to act against various disease causing proteins or substances that the virus causes to be produced in the body, which in turn lessens the impact of the disease on the patient by preventing or lessening the severity of an outbreak.

        I personally find the presentation of such things as being “vaccines” as being intellectually insulting, because they are so different from true vaccines in their mode of action. If they were called “targeted immunostimulants” or some other kind of immunotherapy, with the public being informed that infection is not prevented, then fine, I could go along with it, but calling them “vaccines” is too much because the immune system is not informed of the pathogen before exposure to it and no prevention of infection occurs.

        In regards to SARS-CoV-2 a new problem arises in that consideration, because the virus mutates so quickly and infects people who are either already infected with another strain, or who have just recovered from being infected.

        Further, antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus in recovered patients sometimes dissolve in weeks, with the average being something like 4-6 months or something like that, which means that even after the immune system is informed of the existence of the virus, immunity is only expected to last 4-6 months.

        What that means is that any person who wants to avoid getting sick from SARS-CoV-2 is supposed to be injected with this “vaccine” on day 0 but not be immune yet, since they have to get a “booster” on day 14. Yet, they are not supposed to think of themselves as being immune yet either, since they’re being told to go back for yet another “booster” on day 28.

        Even then though, after being used as pincushions and having been jabbed 3 times, it will take several weeks for “immunity” to occur in the lucky 70% or 90% of patients who actually experience some immunity (rates depend on vaccine) – even though the patient could be infected by a new variant of SARS-CoV-2 at any time and experience full blown symptoms/death – and then, after several weeks of being in semi-isolation, the patient is supposed to feel good about being reliably “immune” for 4 or so months as a best case scenario, presumably before they run back to the doctor for another dose.

        Respectfully, I don’t know how anyone can call this a “vaccine” with a straight face. If any drug company produced a similar drug to be used with polio or tetanus and sought approval by any regulatory agency, even a second year student in any of the primary medical sciences would make jokes about this new hilarious “vaccine” that you have to take over and over and over again that didn’t inform the immune system of anything that only maybe prevents a breakout after the patient is already infected with the thing that vaccines are supposed to prevent infections from that you also have to take more often than you have your teeth cleaned.

        Oh and btw, tetanus boosters are recommended every 10 years for people over a certain age but not needed, since it really doesn’t make much difference. Imo tetanus boosters are mostly for hypochondriacs.


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