Are You Premium?

We are just not premium enough, so we get to clown around in the mask theater.

The premium people all have real school, travel, restaurants – real lives, in short. And they are using COVID theater to rob us and become even more premium.

10 thoughts on “Are You Premium?

  1. Everything about premium airline marketing is revolting. It is no surprise that they are the first industry to start doing things like this.


    1. Rich people are almost never fat. Except for JB Pritzker. He’s an exception. Rich people tend to be very health-conscious. If there were a health risk, this wouldn’t be a selling point. It would be the opposite.


  2. Airlines are going away, and they know it. They are trying desperately to cling to their wealthier customers as a stopgap. But in the glorious future if you can’t charter your own jet, you’re not flying. It’s how we’ll save the planet, you see: by saving the remaining fossil fuels for the rich.


    1. I wonder why nobody notices that these COVID closures are very closely aligned with the fantasies of the Thunberg crowd. Which are about austerity and absolutely nothing else.


      1. “nobody notices that these COVID closures are very closely aligned with the fantasies of the Thunberg crowd”

        I know! I say “Remember how Climate Girl was telling people not to fly a few years ago…. and now nobody is flying?” and they just kind of stare.
        So much of media (and education I’m afraid) is about looking at everything in isolation and not connecting any dots…

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        1. I actually heard a bunch of American accents yesterday. Pretty much anyone who wants to can travel to South Africa. The restrictions are on traveling from SA.

          And as for the rest of Africa, I don’t think it would even be possible to enforce travel bans.


        1. “Thunberg doesn’t fly. She travels by yacht”

          Though her famous yacht to the New World was only made possible by twice as many transatlantic flights as would have happened had she flown like a normal person.
          Real world effects don’t matter when you’re on the right side of history….


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