Make a Plan

Yep. And I’ve been warning about it since 2014.

Make a list of everything you get from the nation-state. Schools, policing, welfare (from which you benefit even if you’ve never gotten a government check), libraries, museums, national identity, national pride (from which you benefit even if your life is so opulent you never felt it), etc. It’s all gone.

Make a plan for how you will do without it. While these slowpokes are taking forever to figure it out, you can spare yourself the bother of hoping it will all magically reverse. And you can get a jump on them. It’s all about competition now. Make sure you win yours.

3 thoughts on “Make a Plan

  1. I remember when Khan Academy was quite a boon. If I could not answer my kids’ homework question we would go on the website and watch a video. Then the Gates Foundation threw some money at it and they made students in disadvantaged schools go through the videos and exercises. Of course they came up with statistics and metrics which showed that students improved in the standardized tests. That gave me the first pause. I thought, well what’s with the teachers that they have onsite? Will they be held accountable now that we know that they students are capable of learning? In my nativity I thought this was an attempt to improve the quality of in-person teaching.

    Not for a moment I thought that this was a play to get rid of teachers altogether. Today we are looking at the transition stage. And the stupid teachers are actually helping along.


    1. You’ve spared yourself months of living in fear and anxiety. That’s a great competitive advantage no matter what you choose to do with it. Moderately sane people will be at a premium in every area of life.


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