-6°F. Finally, the hour of my revenge against the folks who think +90°F is “beautiful weather” has arrived.

Ten degrees lower, and it will be completely perfect.

(Lower than -6, obviously. Not +90. At +90 nothing helps).

12 thoughts on “Revenge

  1. OT Breaking news: Donald Trump has now been found innocent of as many impeachable offenses than all other US presidents combined…..
    Is this really what the Democrats wanted to achieve?
    Why on Earth would they want to achieve that?
    Are they morons or is there some plan….?


      1. Oh, they lost already? Again?

        From what I remember from the last time they did it, the next step is a pandemic. Then lockdowns, riots, and then another impeachment.


          1. From what I could tell (and obviously I wasn’t there), the Dems changed up the rules this morning, and said they were going to call witnesses (after Trump’s lawyers skunked them with a video montage of Democrats calling for violence and using the word “fight” eleventy bazillion times). So the Republicans were like “Okay, let’s get Nancy under oath and ask her what she knew and when…” and then the Dems started muttering behind their hands like “yo, how many martinis has Nance had this morning?” and suddenly, they struck a deal, no witnesses were called, it was put to a vote right away, and a majority voted to acquit. Good times.


  2. -6 F
    ….not quite a “Ukrainian winter”. But close enough.
    Plenty cold for me—but, I understand, growing up you used to have to stroll outdoors to use your outhouse when it was even COLDER than this.
    ….I’ll remember that when this system works its way here into Ohio.


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