I met the first mask resister! Working class, of course. Things are looking up.

7 thoughts on “Resister

  1. If they do decide to strictly enforce “mask mandates” an anti-masker is going to be hard-pressed to come up with an excuse for not wearing one, as anyone can purchase a 2-pack of (Chinese-made) cloth facemasks at any Target store for a mere $4-a-package.
    I agree, it is a bit of a “Mickey Mouse” regulation, but still—-they can ALWAYS slam you with “Just WHAT’S so difficult about putting one of these on? And they’re so easily affordable, you know ….”


    1. The resister did put on a mask in the end but at least he understands it’s all stupid theater. At least he managed to preserve his own brain. That’s a lot already.


  2. I walked out of my favorite shop yesterday, because corporate found out they weren’t enforcing masks, and they had to start doing it. I got in the front door with the kids, the desk guy was like “do you have a mask?” I said “no”. He was like “I’ll get you one” and I said “No thanks, I can leave.” And we left.

    Nothing there I need that bad.

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  3. In Israel:

    // Health Ministry DG: Israel mulling compulsory COVID vaccine for teachers
    Prof. Hezi Levi says at present there is no legal way to force school faculty members to have inoculation, but those who persist in refusal should be told to teach remotely or put on unpaid leave; says 90% of new cases caused by more contagious UK variant

    The Justice Ministry is preparing an amendment to the emergency coronavirus bill passed in July 2020, which would include a provision making vaccinations compulsory for educational staff and other people whose jobs bring them into contact with a large number of the general public.

    He told Ynet on Tuesday that while most children experience mild symptoms of the disease, “some children are still hospitalized and a number of them require intensive care.”

    He said that the increase could be attributed to the mutation of the virus that was first spotted in the UK, which is believed to be far more contagious to children than previous strains and responsible for 90% of all new COVID-19 cases.

    “We see that the British variant is more contagious for children and instructed hospitals to prepare for a surge in pediatric cases,” he said.


    1. Yaaaaawn. Heard all this from the NYTimes in June. Turned out to be a hoax.

      What was it about the reliable media in Israel? Have you heard that the US but its COVID cases by 70% and Israel by only 45% in the past months? Is that being reported by the honest media?

      In Illinois our deaths and cases are dropping off a cliff in spite of the UK variant and no vaccine. Just saying.


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