More Hunger Games

Folks, did you know that Suzanne Collins released a prequel to the Hunger Games series?

Well, she did, and it’s a lot better than the actual series. The best thing is that there’s no first-person narrator, which already is a great improvement. The main character is President Snow when he was 18. And unlike the insufferably boring Katniss, he actually has a personality.

I can’t wait for the movie.

3 thoughts on “More Hunger Games

  1. I have read it, and I do like the character development much more than the original series. It makes me wonder if Collins can’t fully develop a story, since her ability to show the reader the world in which the story takes place seems to have decreased. The story REALLY bothers me, though. I’m not sure I could sit through a movie. I found the end of the story so disturbing, it bugged me for days.


      1. OK, now I finished it. It’s a lot better than I thought. I was sure he was going to let Dr Gaul conduct genetic experiments on Lucy. At least, that didn’t happen.


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