Don’t Believe Your Own Narrative

The Right also likes to fall in love with its own narratives and then draw conclusions on their basis as if they were universally true.

Example. I don’t know how many times I’ve come across the idea that “the Left has radicalized so much in a few years that they now see even the ultra radical Obama as too tame.”

This is stupid because the Left never saw Obama as ultra-radical. I was on the Left and a great Obama supporter and I know exactly how it was. I wrote here on the blog a week after he won the election in 2008 that the Left had placed such expectations on him that he was never going to meet them. They were publishing lists of what they wanted him to do, long, long lists. And those lists were completely insane, so the guy was set up to disappoint from the start.

The narrative about Obama on the Left was always – ALWAYS – and not since last year or since Trump or whatever – that he was a middle-of-the-road empty suit disappointment. The Left nicknamed him “Deporter in Chief,” which was ludicrous but it gives you an idea of the general perception.

I’ll tell you more. This isn’t even about Obama. Absolutely any president would prove a disappointment to the Left. Because what they want is what a president by definition can’t give them.

In any case, the Right needs to get out of the echo chamber and pay attention to what the opponents actually are as opposed to what they imagine them to be. The Left is congenitally incapable of engaging with anything but the fantasy but the Right is not inhabiting the land of unicorns, so it can.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Believe Your Own Narrative

  1. OT: Any chance you, or any of your delightful readers, could recommend any decent, basic, English-language books or other resources on the history/culture of Latin America and/or South America generally, and Peru specifically?

    And for extra credit, any Spanish-language books on the same subjects, written for young children?


  2. Interesting. On the one hand, my self-identified Marxist brother clearly thought O was an empty suit, as you say. On the other, there were many, many people buying some version of the ‘Light Bringer’ story – that’s what one got from the media, where any criticism made you racist. O was the greatest president EVER, and only a hater bigot Nazi thought otherwise.

    Me, all I saw was a coddled teacher’s pet, someone patted on the head and told how smart they were from childhood, who had come to believe it despite nothing we little people would consider much of an accomplishment.


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