Cancer of Academia

Here’s a deeply insane story about a student at the UVA’s School of Medicine who disagreed with a faculty member’s belief in “microaggressions” and as a result was dragged off campus by police and declared mentally unstable. He’s now suing.

When I was a student, starting from my very first semester as an undergrad, I was notorious for challenging professors in class on everything they said. I don’t accept anything on faith. If you are a professor and position yourself as a figure of intellectual authority, be prepared to defend your ideas. Sometimes, the professors would get exasperated when I’d demolish a carefully prepared theory but I saw that they loved it. Nobody retaliated in any way or claimed to be wounded because they belonged to a “marginalized group.” Which they were by virtue of being almost invariably Hispanic and/or gay. I was the absolute star of my undergraduate program.

Of course, my professors had real ideas and real knowledge. Nobody ever brought anything like this microaggressions crap to the students.

Today I’m a professor and I live for the students who challenge me. I can’t imagine trying to get a student expelled for trying to think for himself. These people at UVA are a cancer of academia. They are despicable, and I’m ashamed to be in the same profession as they.

5 thoughts on “Cancer of Academia

  1. The university should be able to punish him for his thought crimes, provided that they issue the verdict against him in Russian and on Soviet letterhead.

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  2. I listened to the audio linked in the article. Ironically it seems like the student is the only one in the room who hasn’t lost his marbles and they tried to psych-evaluate him before returning to the classes.

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  3. This would be comical if it weren’t so terrifying. Cancerous indeed. Although this kind of questioning authority is what got my husband into trouble in grade school. He was in a Catholic school and was always questioning the religious teaching. The priests were furious at his questions–refused to answer them–and branded him a trouble maker. The sad thing is, he was truly curious about the Catholic faith. Their meanness to him turned him off to it completely.


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