Great Interview

I highly recommend Tucker’s long interview with JD Vance on his new daytime show. Everything Vance is saying – uncontrolled and unlimited corporate power is bad, free marketeering slogans are idiotic, etc – is what I have believed my entire adult life. Twenty years ago, it was called “the Left.” Now, the only people who say “let’s limit corporate power! Let’s stop fawning over Goldman Sachs because they recited correct diversity slogans” are all on the Right.

4 thoughts on “Great Interview

  1. My favorite part: “If you don’t stop hanging out with that kid I’ll run him over with my car and nobody will ever find out.” I’ve known a few women like that. They were THE BEST. I still miss every one of them– friends, aunties, friends’ aunties… (sniffle).

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    1. My favorite part was Tucker saying “I bet she’s unhappy” about that one classmate of Vance’s lol


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