No Conversation

So I’m in a conference (yes, against, sucks to be me). It’s day 2. Today’s speakers finish their presentations, a discussion begins, and it’s going really well. People have a lot to say.

Then, our time is up, and Zoom kicks us out automatically. This would totally happen in a real-life conference. At a large event, you get kicked out of a room the second your time is up. But in real life, do you know what happens then? We all walk to a small place down the street where we continue to debate over coffee or drinks until we are hoarse in the throat. And that’s the whole point of a conference, to have those conversations. Without that, it turns into a reading exercise.

One more conference day tomorrow, and then I’m out of this madhouse of online conferences for at least two years.

8 thoughts on “No Conversation

  1. That health roundtable desantis had was excellent. All professional panel of experts. Just not saying the day things the MSM is.


        1. Things that are censored from youtube can usually be found now at odysee or BitChute (which has the worst search engine ever).
          I’m expecting google to go on a buying binge so they can censor those sites too….


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