Anti-human Humanism

The reason why Dawkins’s 1996 award was taken away is that a couple of days ago he tweeted that people get hounded if they don’t believe that transwomen are literally women. And he immediately got hounded for making that observation.

I know that Dawkins is annoying but that’s not the point. This isn’t about trans issues either. We are now in a situation where stating facts of objective reality is not allowed if these facts contradict the dogma. The facts range from “2+2=4” to “Officer Sicknick died of a stroke.”

10 thoughts on “Anti-human Humanism

  1. I have zero love for Dawkins and actually find him offensive. I will also not be joining American Humanist Association any time soon. That being said, the reason why they pulled his award is interesting, for a lack of a better word. The retroactive canceling of awards for something that person has said years later is very totalitarian.

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    1. He hasn’t even said anything. He invited people to discuss. But the idea that the dogma of this new faith can be debated is intolerable to the faithful.


  2. Upon reading what this American Humanist Association defines as “humanism”, I am mystified that Richard Dawkins was awarded in the first place. These definitions seem to assume a love of general humanity that Dawkins has never possessed or professed.

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    1. He’s the most famous atheist in the world. They have a core mission of atheism. I’m not an atheist myself but it is quite funny that they reject religious dogma only to embrace a secular dogma of self-ID.

      That humanism necessarily culminates in consumerism is unavoidable, of course, but this is an issue that’s too deep for both Dawkins and AHA.

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      1. They mention the humanism first. And they also have a social justice plank.

        And if you’ve ever read The God Delusion, Dawkins is a cranky misanthrope whose disdain for large swathes of humanity apart from his atheism is incredibly clear.

        But yes, name recognition got him that award.


  3. What was the point of creating an organization whose aim was to combat organised religion with a set of broadly stated, well-meaning, secular principles if it now behaves exactly as the bodies/associations which the very same organization was created in order to reduce their power in society ? How can so-called Humanists fight dogmatism by imposing a new dogma ? The mind boggles.

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    1. Exactly. Turns out they are not against religion. They are against competing religions and in favor of their own. And theirs isn’t even that good.


      1. “they are not against religion. They are against competing religions ”

        “Trans women are women” seems more like a religious incantation than anything that can begin or continue a fruitful discussion or issues affecting trans people.

        For that chanting “Black lives matter” against police while ignoring the black gangs slaughtering each other (many innocent bystanders) makes BLM seem more like a weird death cult than anything related to the civil rights movement (which utilized christian idealism).

        There’s no such thing a a post-religious or non-religious society – there are only more and less functional religious societies.

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  4. It seems the American Humanist Association is doing its level best to separate and differentiate itself from the ghosts of Charles Lee Smith, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, the American Association for the Advancement of Atheism, and The Truth Seeker magazine.

    Charles Murray would find welcome there, except I think he actually has a religion?


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