Menstrual Disruptions

U of I has initiated a study of the disturbing impact that mRNAs have on the menstrual cycle. The researchers have already been overwhelmed by the number of reports they have received from women experiencing really weird effects.

The social media are exploding with the bizarre stories that multitudes of women are sharing. I’m glad that somebody is going to look into it. Of course, most of the women who took these shots fulfilled their reproductive goals a long time ago, so at least that is good.

10 thoughts on “Menstrual Disruptions

  1. All of these symptoms should be reported to VAERS, lame as the system is, it is all we have in the attempt to document problems with vaccines. Do you know from the article if reports have been made?

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  2. A co-worker told me privately she is going through IVF and is “fully vaccinated”. I wonder how many will never have children or will have deformities because of this gene therapy. I’m starting to get a complex about my stance on the virus and vaccines because everyone around me is playing hero; rushing out to get their shots and then getting sick and “taking one for the team”. People ask me all the time, “Did you get your vaccine yet?” And I stare at them and don’t respond. And then everyone gets uncomfortable. If not for this blog and a few other friends outside this circle, I would worry I’m the nutty one. Social and peer pressure is a real thing.

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    1. If she’s already going through IVF her chances are low regardless of whether she was fully vaccinated or not. How many people will never have children because of the pandemic — because they lost their jobs, the ability to travel, the ability to meet people face to face? And that’s before we even touch on the side effects of COVID-19.

      Anyways, don’t worry that you are the nutty one. Just remember that every person’s existence is a minor miracle.

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    2. I’m dreaming of a moment when I can have a work meeting where people don’t bring up their vaccination status. We only ever meet in Zoom! Mentioning vaccination makes as much sense as prefacing any interaction with a co-worker with the information about your STD status. Of course, that would probably be considered sexual harassment.

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      1. This reminds me of my co-worker who use to announce her bowel problems and “black tar stools” every opportunity that presented itself. after a year–it was a joke. Nobody wants to know. Much the same way nobody wants to know how toxic soda is to teeth and to the body. (my dentist and doctor are the only people who care to discuss those things with me). I have hereby decided to come up with a snarky response to all askers of this ridiculous question.

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        1. I have a relative who was heavily into drinking urine for health purposes. We all lost weight when she’d come to stay with us because her conversation would put everybody right off their food. Turns out the main pleasure of urine drinking is being able to talk about it all the time.

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    3. At first I thought it was insane how everyone is advertising they joined a medical experiment but now I think it’s good to know who not to go near. They were not a danger before the jabs but now they are. Scary how this “shedding” is causing issues for the non-jabbed people. My reply is I am not a lab rate so I am not joining a medical experiment.


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