Happy St James Day

Folks, you’ve got to watch this BBC interview where a white liberal reporter gets his balls handed to him by a black interviewee:



Kudos to BBC for airing the segment and letting the guy speak his mind.

4 thoughts on “Happy St James Day

  1. Ex police officer Brandon Tatum lays it on the line. Clear and precise. He has it correct. Hats off to BBC for actually airing it.

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  2. Hem, hem… Hola Clarissa, que no, avui és el dia de Sant Jordi, diada històrica del poble català… Una rosa i un llibre, per a tu també!

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    1. I was going to refer to him as Santiago, of course, but decided to be nice to the British readers. All two of them who didn’t leave in a huff attack of wokeness.


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