More Mask Research

Another big meta-study, this time from Germany, argues that masks do little to prevent COVID but have many potentially bad effects.

This was actually a scientific consensus before COVID, so the scientists are only reminding us of what was always known. Let’s see if social media try to ban this research, too.

9 thoughts on “More Mask Research

  1. In other news, wearing a mask sucks and some people do have medical issues that makes mask wearing worse. However, I’ve yet to see people hospitalized or dying in significant numbers due to mask wearing.


  2. “I’ve yet to see people hospitalized or dying in significant numbers”

    That’s the whole covid game, lots of things that make little difference on their own but which taken together can have very big consequences… the whole rotten package needs to be discarded.


    1. If I tried to post this on Facebook, the Ministry of Truth would slap a “Fake News” warning on it, guaranteed.

      Nah. “Dr.” Sherri Tenpenny still has a FaceBook account. And little info boxes saying “Visit X to get COVID-19 information” have same effect as warning labels on cigarette packs. If I post something that mentions covid, regardless of the content, they’d slap a little notice on it. Did you pay attention to Clippy in MS Word?


        1. Interestingly enough no such warnings are on Tenpenny’s page, but her fan page is littered with them.
          So to test your thesis, I have posted the link to the study in this post on my FB.


  3. What about times in the past when face mask requirements were initiated in major cities in countries like China (for example) due to “air quality alerts” on account of massive air pollution?
    What was their reasoning in those situations?

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    1. In China, it’s seriously impossible to breathe. My sister was in Beijing, and says the stench of the air is unbearable. When the air is thick with particles, it definitely makes sense to wear a mask.

      But here’s the crucial difference. The pollution particles are so large you can actually see them. They are too big to go through the mesh of the mask. COVID particles are the exact opposite. They are aerosolized. They are so tiny that they easily go through a cloth mask. That’s why we never wore masks during even the worst flu seasons. They don’t stop the particles. This has been widely known for a very long time.


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