Link of the Day: Michel Houellebecq

A very powerful essay by Michel Houellebecq on euthanasia. He clearly dropped the idea that Islam is the scariest power in Europe and noticed somebody a lot scarier.

5 thoughts on “Link of the Day: Michel Houellebecq

  1. Yet another manifestation of austerity and class warfare. Once this is normalized, imagine the pressure an ailing patient would have to give “consent” to their death.

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      1. She managed to come back under different accounts within days of her bannings, but I’m glad she got her original account back!


        1. I’m so glad others on here are followers of her! I will also note that it was anti-euthanasia tweets that got her last account banned. She angered the left.


  2. At current level of care my father’s living costs are $300,000 per year plus. This is not due to pain but to near inability to move. Suffering would be unbearable without the care he gets. I will not be able to afford this. Therefore I hope to die before I get into his state. He doesn’t mind as long as he can pay for it but will mind when he cannot. I will not be able to pay for that for myself for even a day.


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