Social Distancing Doesn’t Work

MIT researchers make the painfully obvious point that “social distancing” is completely useless.

It’s been known forever that there are no mitigation measures that stop or control the spread of an airborne, aerosolized respiratory virus. It’s going to come, do its thing, and gradually become less potent while still reoccurring in seasonal waves forever. The only thing that helps mitigate – not the spread, remember, you can’t stop that – the severity of symptoms is strengthening your immune system and living a healthier lifestyle. Or, more recently, torture your immune system with highly experimental treatments that also don’t stop the spread but might decrease the severity of symptoms at God knows what long-term cost. We all know which method sounds more appealing to consumerist mentality.

4 thoughts on “Social Distancing Doesn’t Work

  1. On the plus side, my church seems to have realized this as well, and while some people are still attempting it, the busybodies have stopped trying to enforce it, and we are back at the chanters’ stand instead of trying to ridiculously hand-signal each other across the church. Yay!


    1. “what’s happening in India”

      It’s hard to say… despite the hype in per capita terms the number of cases/daily deaths is about half of what was going on the UK in January…
      But overall a poorer country with maybe not great health infrastructure is going to have problems coping.
      But it’s also a big country (about the size of non-Russian Europe with distinct language and culture areas and most reports I’ve seen don’t say which particular areas are affected…
      Well see, the main thing is that local outbreaks follow a clear pattern of about six week increase, plateau and then decline and India seems to be four to five weeks into the climb phase… so for now… it’s kind of wait and see…


    2. They vaccinated massively, and there’s always a spike in infections, hospitalizations and mortality in the month after the vaccine. If then goes away. I don’t understand why nobody is telling people that it’s crucial to self-isolate in the month after the vaccine. If ever a quarantine were justified it’s right after the vaccination.


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