Magical Pill

I have this unfortunate habit of sleeping with an open window and a ceiling fan on full blast. When the temperature drops, I wake with up with back pain. Today is the second time it happened, and just when I was taking Klara to an activity.

At the activity, I met a colleague who gave me a bunch of little pills that worked so well it was as if someone had switched my back to a different channel. Nothing this enjoyable can be good but she swears she got them at Walmart for a buck.

I’m worried now.

10 thoughts on “Magical Pill

  1. At Walmart or in front of Walmart? I used to live near a small town where local drug dealers had their shop set up in front of a Walmart… I am a super oblivious person, but it was so obvious that even I have noticed what was going on there.


      1. “What self-respecting drug dealer would give away their product for a dollar, though?”

        That’s just the first time…. the second jar is gonna cost you….


          1. Ibuprofen’s really really awesome at curing that sort of cold-created neuralgia you’re apparently dealing with (is there a word/expression for it in Russian btw? There isn’t one in English but there is one in Romanian). If you’d like to take an even smaller dose, there are ibuprofen gels you can apply to the painful spot.

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            1. I call it радикулит. Or there’s a more common usage word which is прострел, which means “being shot through.”

              I don’t take pain-killers and can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I took Tylenol in my whole life. I hope I don’t get addicted to it now. 🙂


          2. Great stuff if used sparingly, but a warning: it’s really toxic to your liver (so never take more than the bottle says, and never combine with alcohol or other nsaids) and if you use it a lot it will make holes in you digestive tract. After ten years of using it for severe pain, I was forced to quit all NSAIDs forever– the side effects started being worse than the pain. YMMV.


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