Materialism and Feminism

I’m writing a review of a book that claims that feminism is anti-materialist by nature. This is so deeply stupid it makes my head hurt. The feminism of the book’s author is made possible by her having access to every gadget, domestic appliance, and processed, prepackaged good in existence. Try being a feminist without a washer, dryer, microwave, diaper, paper towel, hygienic pad, and supermarket, and then we’ll talk.

Capitalism made feminism because, in the solid stage, it needed women in the workforce.

Now capitalism is dispensing with feminism because it entered into the fluid stage and no longer needs a large workforce, and especially not the female workforce that, by definition, tends to be sedentary.

As for materialism, women need things a lot more than men do. If you don’t get it, ask yourself which object plays the same role in a men’s life that a tampon plays in a woman’s.

5 thoughts on “Materialism and Feminism

  1. “The feminism of the book’s author is made possible by her having access to every gadget”

    Not to mention female-friendly social infrastructure (like public education and female only spaces) and the quickest way to kill off the feminism (that matters) is to dismantle those…

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  2. So do you have a post in the offing about the explosion of (your) feminism in the post-Soviet space? Since there was an obvious explosion of availability of these consumer goods and gadgets as compared to Soviet times, how do you correlate that?

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    1. The word “feminist” was first mentioned in the post-Soviet space in 1992 of thereabouts, so yes, there’s a clear causation. The feminist who was the first post-Soviet person to be publicly referred to as a feminist on TV had to fight for it. She said the producers thought the term was indecent. 🙂 It was thanks to her that N and I actually met. Oh, the nineties. . . Good times.


  3. There’s a new book coming out called Material Girls; Why Reality Matters for Feminism. It’s by Kathleen Stock, philosopher and reviled terf.


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