There Is No Cancel Culture

A guy who won Jeopardy three times in a row went on TV and raised three fingers to show off his three victories.

Immediately, several hundred Jeopardy contestants who didn’t win three times claimed that the fingers were a “white supremacist gesture.” There are no white supremacists to speak of, so anything can be deemed a “white supremacist something.” This is very convenient because you can easily destroy anybody who annoys you by having a nice day or enjoying a success you resent.

The Jeopardy guy is now abjectly apologizing. He’s terrified and confused. These things are happening daily. Daily. People are being destroyed, fired, humiliated over nothing. Just because somebody feels like destroying them. This is what the left has become. A pack of rabid hounds tearing some poor schmuck apart because he won some stupid TV contest.

7 thoughts on “There Is No Cancel Culture

  1. Apparently he also offended some snowflakes like host Anderson Cooper by using the word “Gypsy.” At least he got the last laugh by walking away with almost $80,000.

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    1. I have been wondering this since the whole “OK” symbol fracas. Are we now supposed to be hanging out in neo-nazi webforums to stay current on racist trends, so we can be sure not to accidentally do/say the wrong thing in public? How is this supposed to work?

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      1. ” the whole “OK” symbol fracas”

        IINM it was originally a prank (convince the woketariat that something trivial had a sinister meaning) and they feel for it, hook, line and sinker….


        1. Exactly. IMO, that points to the way out of this nonsense: we need these pranks happening every week. Moustaches are a secret racist call-sign. Sunglasses are racist. Baseball caps are racist. Striped socks are racist. Every possible hand gesture: racist. Every haircut: racist. Suits and ties: racist. Jeans: racist….

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  2. Great take on wokeness:


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